Mizzou Pickup Ultimate

Pickup ultimate is happening all around Mizzou! Feel free to jump in if you find people playing a game or grab a frisbee and start your own. Pickup games are relaxed and fun and new players are always welcome; No experience is needed. It's a great way to get acquainted with the game and make new friends.

If you are on facebook join the group for Pickup Ultimate at Mizzou. If you start a pickup game post there and let everyone know.

Aside from pickup Mizzou offers many other ways to play ultimate. In the spring the Mizzou Rec sponsors an ultimate tournament. This tourney allows you to field your own teams, practice together, and compete for first place. It is played on Stankowski in April and everyone is invited to participate. If you don't want to field your own team ask around and you can pick up with someone else.

Desperate For Frisbee?

View the Stankowski Webcam to check for frisbees

Check Out:

These are common places for people start pickup, and if you visit them you will probably find a game.

More Competitive?

We field a Men's traveling team, the MUtants, and a women's traveling team the Terror Mizzou. These teams practice throughout the year and attend tournaments all across the nation. If you think you might be interested in playing with the competitive club teams check out the web sites and start coming out at the beginning of the fall semester!

Columbia Community Ultimate

The Columbia Community plays ultimate on campus as well. For pickup times and locations visit their web site. During the summer Columbia is host to an ultimate frisbee league; Players are picked by draft and the league is played out over the course of the summer months. The focus is on fun and learning and all new players are welcome.


Post on the forum with any questions! We will point you in the right driection.