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The fall brings an expectation of excellence - the expectation you have for your team and your team for you. Missouri Loves Company strives to be a part of achieving that excellence. We present the tournament as the test of your fall preparation, a transition into winter's long practice season, and motivation for the spring season to come.

The Competition

Missouri Loves Company brings together the highest caliber competition as the pinnacle of fall ultimate. National qualifiers and champions are consistent faces at MLC, feeling out their chances in preparation for the Spring Series ahead. Power pool formats guarantee top-tier teams the high-level-play they have come to expect at MLC - and provide the grueling battles these teams need to improve.

The Transition

No matter what team you are, the transition from fall to spring is critical. MLC provides a great opportunity to set solid expectations for winter - the results of the tournament will never be satisfying. The winners fight long and hard, only to barely grab the "W" - the losers will stand with defeat hanging over their heads. Every team will see the work they need to put in to make the upcoming series a success - and this is precisely the goal of Missouri Loves Company.

The Motivation

The Missouri Loves Company format allows every team to play for first; your team dream of facing off with the very best - and layout-d'ing last year's national champions. The presence of national level skill is apparent in each game in the bowl, between rounds rookies can admire the throws and tenacity it takes to win at the sport.

We would love your company,

- Zak Gase & Dave Sachs

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