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Missouri Loves Company 2016

Presented by the University of Missouri Ultimate Club

November 5th and 6th, 2016

Everyone's favorite tourney is back! For our seventh year in a row the tournament will be hosted in the backyard of the University of Missouri in Columbia. Columbia offers an exciting downtown of restaurants, bars and more restaurants and bars, all just 3 miles from the fields.

This year our competition will be returning to Cosmo Park Recreation Complex on well-kept soccer fields (yes, everyone's field will be green!) The field site is located less than five miles from Mizzou's campus and downtown Columbia. Don't believe that the fields will be nice? Here is a picture:

And we have 20-24 of them, all located in the same complex. What joy!

Tournament Features


Join us in Columbia and help make MLC 2016 another successful year!

To submit a bid, email MLCtds@gmail.com with the following:

  1. "MLC Bid for [Team Name]" in the subject line
  2. 2016 Series performance
  3. Expected 2017 results
  4. Anything you think is relevant
  5. Make up an Onion headline, best one gets a prize (note, I will check for plagiarism)

Currently we are expecting bid fees to be $350 per individual team, or $650 total if both Open and Women attend.

Follow us on Twitter @MLCTDs for news, announcements, and other info.

We would love your company,

- Zak Gase & Dave Sachs

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Contact us at: mlctds@gmail.com